Wednesday, March 27, 2013

4.14-17 ANA’s DC DAYS 2013

DC Days is ANA’s annual advocacy event. Each spring our members from across the country come to Washington, DC for training, lobbying, and strategy sessions. We lobby members of Congress and staff at executive agencies such as the Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission.It's that time of year again! DC Days 2013 is almost here and we want YOU to get ready! Please refer to any of the useful links on the left hand side of this page to get more information about DC Days. To register online, please visit our registration page.

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The legacy of the Cold War is a devastating one -- huge arsenals of unnecessary nuclear weapons, fissile materials that have become security threats, a vast legacy of environmental contamination, and an erosion of democracy due to widespread secrecy and deception.

Founded in 1987 under the name Military Production Network, the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA) is a network of 35 local, regional and national organizations representing the concerns of communities in the shadows of the U.S. nuclear weapons sites and radioactive waste dumps. We have effectively worked to open up the operations of the U.S.Department of Energy to help shut down polluting, obsolete and unsafe facilities, and to stop nuclear weapons testing as well as the construction of many new bomb production plants.

The Power is in the People. Because of its national network and, particularly, the location of ANA grassroots groups, the ANA is uniquely positioned to hold the Department of Energy accountable at its nuclear weapons facilities.Campaigns which stopped new production facilities such as reactors,reprocessing plants, and a plutonium isotope separators were anchored by ANA member groups. We have worked together with others to stop nuclear testing and to try to bring some sanity and accountability to U.S. clean up, waste management and warhead dismantlement programs.

ANA's strength is in our shared experience and our collective vision. We will build upon the momentum of the past several years and continue to provide leadership both locally and nationally.

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