Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No Nukes NW Rally for Nuclear-Free Portland | PORTLAND GENERAL ASSEMBLY

No Nukes NW Rally for Nuclear-Free Portland
9/23/2012  // 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Japanese American Historical Society - Waterfront

1. The Department of Energy plans to continue using Hanford for radioactive nuclear waste dumping.2. Washington\’s Governor Gregoire endorses the transportation of highly radioactive waste along Oregon Highways, I-5, I-84, I-97 as well as by rail to reach the Hanford dump knowing that by the estimates of the DOE a minimum of 800 people would die from this action, by transport via the highways alone. This is a low estimate supposing accidents were not added to the reality. The estimate of 800 has nothing to do with reported trucking accidents, only the drive-by radiation leakage into the communities through which the trucks are driving. There is no information required of shipments by rail.
3. It is time to put an end to the businesses in our community making supplies for nuclear weapons, making transport planes for nuclear weapons, and the production of materials supporting the spread of nuclear power plants.
4. It is time to tell Hanford and the Columbia Generating Station Nuclear Power Plant on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation that we say No to Nukes, No to Nuclear pollution in our environment, in our air, in our Columbia River waters and our food! No to the proliferation of nuclear industry in Portland.
5. We have no one in our local government, state or federal gov\’t monitoring the nuclear fallout of Fukushima in our food, water, or air in Portland or in Oregon. Only No Nukes NW is monitoring and this is not enough. We demand to be protected and alerted when radiation levels and fallout is on it\’s way to becoming alarming. is also time to protect the people of Portland by creating a resolution to be voted on by our City Council to finally, once and for all, create a real nuclear free zone in Portland.
Join us in standing together for sanity in a nuclear free city in order to live without the fear of sickness and death from a nuclear accident or disaster.

No Nukes NW Rally for Nuclear-Free Portland | PORTLAND GENERAL ASSEMBLY

PRESS RELEASE: No Nukes NW Rally for Nuclear Free Portland

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