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#CANRallyDC Convergence on DC: Wrap-up


#CANRallyDC : Rally For A Nuclear Free Future
September 20 -22, 2012

3 days of events in Washington DC 

The demonstrations against nuclear power that CAN is organizing in September are powerful and imperative. I want every person – mothers, fathers, children, grandmothers and grandfathers, to make a major effort to attend one or all of these gatherings as the time for the “peaceful” atom is over. We must end it now before it ends us. – Helen Caldicott, MD - Solidarity Statements | Coalition Against Nukes

Iori Mochizuki speaks at the Coalition Against Nukes Rally in Washington D.C. on September 20th 2012.

from Iori-san's page "DC rally on 9/20 | Fukushima Diary:"I also had a speech in Capitol Reflecting Pool (3rd St & Jefferson Drive SW Washington DC 20004).
I thought that would not be so meaningful for me to talk about hypocrisy of nuclear industry or murderous policy of Japanese government to the audience because our audience already know such things and they can read more details on the internet. (but that’s necessary.)This is also a discrepancy unique for  this kind of the protest.This speech therefore was for passersby on the street, beside the pool, and tourists walking around.
I emphasized the fault of media and America to appeal for larger range of people.
Nuclear, war, dysfunction of the governing system, they all share the same root. War has an aspect as a public public investment for inventory readjustment of surplus in industrial products and people. Nuclear is also a part of them. You can’t resolve only a part of this entire system. The system needs a whole renovation.
My major was economics. I was a believer of free economy.
However, I’m starting to learn capitalism and democracy are merely impractical propositions like nuclear power.
You can change politician, but can not change bureaucracy. They are the one to absorb our tax and decide where to drop it. This is where all the power / information is concentrated. and they have no feedback from their bad operating. but you can’t attack them like you can’t punch air. I find it the crucial system error of our modern society.
I don’t know what can be alternative, but I’m starting to think again, we can’t design our society.
We live in the society, but don’t even know how it is working. so I’m doing what I can do. I focused on what I can accuse in this speech.

This is the draft of my speech... (more

more text & photos to come!

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today addressed an overflowing audience of enthusiastic supporters as he explained the current status of the nuclear industry in the United States. He cited the problematic Davis-Besse nuclear power in Northern Ohio as an example of the state of the industry.

"Good afternoon and thank you for the chance to address you today.  It is a privilege to do so. We are here today at one of the most important times in the history of nuclear power.  As the industry’s proponents work hard to create the myth of a “nuclear renaissance,” the truth is that the industry’s outlook has never been more tenuous.
The fleet of existing nuclear power plants is aging and they are approaching or have already past their useful life.  Already 73 plants across the country have received brand new 20 year licenses on their aging plants.  But another 33 are in process or will be applying for 20 year extensions.
At the same time, we are starting to find problems with the plants.  In 2002, workers at Davis-Besse nuclear power plant in northwest Ohio, while doing unrelated work, found a large, corroded crater the size of a football in the reactor vessel head next to one of the nozzles. Only three-sixteenths of an inch of steel remained intact at the bottom.  Even that began to crack and bulge... (more)

from Martin Images -

Congressional Briefing On Nuclear Power Part 1 Sept 2012 - YouTube

9.20 #CANRallyDC Busboys and Poets Fundraiser! Live Music and Speakers

The Insurgency playing at the CAN fundraiser

 in Washington DC, Thursday 09.20.12

Native American Ceremony - YouTube 
thanks to Lisa Andrus - greensladyful's channel - YouTube 

The Museum of the American Indian held a ceremony to acknowledge the effects of the nuclear fuel cycle on Native American lands.
Uranium mining and milling have taken a huge toll on Native American health and has cost many lives. In this solemn ceremony, we will remember our innate connection with the Natural World, offer thanks for our shared vision of a nuclear-free future, and acknowledge the injustice perpetrated on Native Lands.

This Rally had a NO NUKES/NO WAR theme and took place on what the United Nations has designated as the International Day of Peace or “Peace Day”. Speakers addressed radiation and public health, the NRC’s reclassifying of depleted uranium to be used for weapons making, uranium mining and enrichment, nuclear weapons and war, and the relationship between the nuclear energy industry and the war machine. Speakers for this historic demonstration include Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, Sierra Club environmental justice organizer and native Rights Activist Robert Tohe, Congressional Fellow for the Physicians for a National Health Program Dr. Margaret Flowers, War is a peace activist David Swanson, Its Our Economy activist Kevin Zeese and grassroots voices from across the country from Vermont Yankee to Indian Point to North Anna to Palisades to Davis Besse to Fermi to Hanford to San Onofre and beyond! 

Nans speech at Occupy NRC - YouTube
(text to add)

Presenting the Credro Petition to the NRC via Gene Stone

Media set by AnonMedia / @OCCUPYCARLISLE

9.22 #CANRallyDC Strategy Session

The strategy session drew activists from all over the country trying to collectively strategize for the first time.
we had 53 people at the CAN Strategy Session today, 09.21.12

Coalition Against Nukes

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