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5:45 Live HD: Flotilla Special- 9/15/12 - YouTube


Our River Runs Through It: 
Flotilla & Rally to Stop VT Yankee Pollution

5:45 Live HD: Flotilla Special- 9/15/12 - YouTube
Published on Sep 15, 2012 by 545Live

A quick look at today's flotilla protest at Vermont Yankee where hundreds of thousands (okay maybe a few less than that) turned out off the coast of Vermont Yankee's waterfront property to protest the discharge of hot water into the Connecticut River. Enjoy the super slow mo, underwater cam, and overly dramatic music to boot.

flotilla 2012 VT - YouTube

Published on Sep 15, 2012 by 
9/15/12 Filmed by Dan Keller, A flotilla of watercraft from kayaks to motor boats launched & met on the Connecticut River, just East of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant.
There were speakers; including David Deen, Connecticut River Steward, Connecticut River Watershed Council and Christian Parenti, acclaimed writer for The Nation and Deb Katz, Executive Director of Citizens Awareness Network (CAN) and a member of SAGE Alliance.
There was a symbolic "ice drop", highlighting the thermal pollution by VT Yankee and it's effect on the river ecology.

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