Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nuke Free Now Call To Action

Friday August 3rd in Santa Fe:
·       Art exhibit at El Museo 
·       Workshop on non-violent direct action (relating to activities planned for Mon. Aug 6th.)
Saturday August 4th in Santa Fe:
·      Nuke Free Now Conference and Film Festival at CCA (Center for Contemporary Arts). A full day of panels, speakers, and films at CCA to inform our community about the many important issues surrounding nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, and to inspire us to action.Click for full schedule.
Sunday August 5th in Los Alamos:
·       Rally in Ashley Pond Park, Los Alamos, speakers, music, teach-ins, and information
·       Audio link to the sounding of the Peace Bell in Hiroshima, Japan
·       “Sackcloth and Ashes” peace march led by Pax Christi, New Mexico
·       Floating of peace lanterns on Ashley Pond
Monday August 6th in Los Alamos:
·       A full day of non-violent direct action in Los Alamos. Click here for flyer
Hunger Strike starting July 16th, 2012:
·       On the 67th anniversary of the first ever atomic explosion at the Trinity site in southern New Mexico, Alaric Balibrera, will begin a hunger strike in protest at the continued development of nuclear weapons at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Click here for more information.

It is time to generate critical mass to transform the nuclear narrative in the public consciousness, demand accountability, and inspire a life-affirming future.
Join us August 3rd to 6th in northern New Mexico, the birthplace of the bomb, or organize an event in your community to raise awareness of the true costs and consequences of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons production, and their threat to the health of our communities and all that we hold sacred.
Let us stand in solidarity and bring about the end of the atomic age.
Together we will catalyze universal disarmament and the closing down of nuclear power plants. We will clean up the pollution and contamination, and create life-affirming work, justice and peace!
We, as federal taxpayers, finance the nuclear weapons and energy industries. Corporations like Bechtel. Lockheed Martin, General Electric and others reap millions in profits.
J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the bomb, quoted the Bhagavad Gita upon witnessing the first atomic explosion, “Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds.”
Now we have become life, protectors of the world. Join us.
Nuke Free Now believes that nuclear weapons and nuclear power are the ultimate forms of violence. In response, we are creating this global call to action and weekend of events in both the spirit and the practice of complete nonviolence.
We believe in the empowerment of people through nonviolent direct action. This is not to judge other forms of protest and civil disobedience, or to try to define what is violent and what is nonviolent, but for this weekend of action we define it as no physical harm or damage done to any living being or property. Nuke Free Now is not responsible for individuals who do not adhere to our principles of nonviolence. Peace is our strategy.

Nuke Free Now Call To Action

Mother Jones: Nuke Facilities in the US •• Click for interactive map.  

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