Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NO NUKES | Rethink NOT Restart

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"Please don't restart nuclear reactors.
I don't feel that it belongs to nature."

translation thanks to Michiko Kurokawa

some posters on that page are election posters for Yoshitaka Mukohara, anti-nuclear activist, who is running Kagoshima gubernatorial election

We rise up.Let’s go to the poll to choose the Kagoshima governor on July 8!Now, we want to take a step (to new Kagoshima) with Mr. Mukohara!
What we want to protect isbrilliant daily lifefor children and all creatures,ordinary days,ordinary happiness,air, soil, water, sun.

This is an election poster for Mukohara Yoshitaka who is running Kagoshima gubernatorial election. 
Among prefectures where nuclear power plants are located, it will be the first election since 3.11 Fukushima disaster happened.
The battle between a rookie, anti-nuclear activist Yoshitaka Mukohara, and the incumbent Kagoshima governor, nuclear advocate Yūichirō Itō, is currently being voted on July 8 (JST)
Mr. Tetsunari Iida, an anti-nuke icon, is also running Yamagushi gubernatorial election.

special  thanks to Michiko Kurokawa


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