Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#BustTheMyth :: It's time to act for climate and a nuclear-free, carbon-free future | NIRS

November 25, 2015

Dear Friends,

The COP 21 international climate talks begin next week in Paris, under radically-transformed circumstances due to the November 13 terror attack.

No large street demonstrations will be permitted in Paris, forcing us and all clean energy/climate advocates to revamp our plans--and we ask you to step up and help make up the void.

As we have been promising for months, NIRS will be in Paris: both executive director Tim Judson and radioactive waste project director Diane D'Arrigo will be there--inside and outside the conference center. I had been hoping to go, of course, but I am in a new clinical trial at NIH and will be unable to do so. But with knowledgeable and veteran activists like Tim and Diane there--along with our colleagues at WISE-Amsterdam and all of the other members of the Don't Nuke the Climate campaign, the nuclear-free, carbon-free position will be well represented.

What we won't be able to do is hold the massive street demonstration we had been planning for December 12 in Paris.

That's where you come in. Instead of a large event there, rallies, marches and other actions demanding immediate and strong climate action are being planned for all over the world by groups like and for this weekend: November 29. We urge you to join these actions and bring to them a strong nuclear-free, carbon-free presence. Gather the members of your group, your friends and colleagues, your congregations, whoever you can and go to the event nearest you...

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you can't nuke global warming!

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