Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tell your Congressmembers to Dump Yucca!

February 2015

One of President Obama's first actions in office, back in 2009, was to end the Yucca Mountain radioactive waste project.

Overriding its own 1982 legislation, which required investigation of several possible sites for a permanent high-level nuclear waste repository, in 1987 Congress narrowed the list to one: Yucca Mountain, Nevada.

Why? Politics, not science. Nevada had a small, weak Congressional delegation while the other states involved, especially Washington and Texas, included many more members and Congressional leadership.

Obama's action was intended to end the practice that politics, rather than science, should determine the future of the nation's radioactive waste program.

But the nuclear industry and its most fervent Congressional backers have never given up on Yucca, and even now they're working to restart that project. That's despite the fact that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff now has recommended against any more work on Yucca, on the grounds that the federal government does not have the necessary water or land rights. Those are held by the state of Nevada, which has steadfastly opposed a radioactive waste dump at Yucca Mountain.

It's time to start educating Congress about the facts on Yucca Mountain. We're starting with the water rights issue. Tell Congress below to Dump Yucca once and for all.

SIGN NOW: Tell your Congressmembers to Dump Yucca!

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