Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Help make the September 20 climate rally in NYC the largest, most visible anti-nuclear statement in decades!

Renewable energy rally in Berlin

The September 20 climate march and rally in New York City now being organized promises to be the largest environmental rally ever. We support this effort, but we also know that nuclear power can't save the climate. Let's take advantage of this opportunity and send the strongest, clearest and most visible message that nuclear power is no climate solution, that a nuclear-free, carbon-free future is not only possible but the real way to protect the climate.

NIRS is helping organize people from across the country to attend this event. And we want to print thousands of flags, banners and signs to make sure the anti-nuclear position is clear. Let's do in New York what Germans did at a renewable energy rally in Berlin in May and have an impossible-to-ignore sea of Nuclear Power, No Thanks flags and Don't Nuke the Climate signs. We need your help to cover the costs of printing these materials.

Please contribute as generously as you can now. Every contribution through this page will go directly toward these materials costs!


Important note: if you are outside the United States, please use this page instead to make your donation:

special thanks to NIRS -

whats up: #BustTheMyth
you can't nuke global warming!

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