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311 Coordinated Action @ All Japanese Consulate Across the US

Dear People against Nukes.

First of all, thank you for showing interests in coordinated action! Not only us, but we on Earth appreciate your care and action! We are hoping to continue this coalition!

Please do not forget to make sure if your action is listed on our calendar:

We are asking everyone all over the world to assemble in front of your nearest Japanese Consulate to protest the ongoing denial of responsibility by TEPCO and Japan's government. We also ask you to write a letter to the Japanese Prime Minister, His Excellency Shinzo Abe. It should also be addressed to the General Consul of the city you are in, and it must end with the name and address of the (a) writer, in order to be delivered to Tokyo. If these conditions are met, they are required to deliver it to the PM in Tokyo. Only one name is needed on the letter, which means you can carry out a one-person action if you can't find anyone else to go with you! If any Japanese are involved in these actions, we ask them to please translate the letter into Japanese as well; if it's not possible, an English letter will do. It would be best to have two copies of each letter (and of course a copy for the world; send them here!), one for the PM and one for the General Consul. For those of you in the U.S., here's a map of all the Japan Consulate locations:

It's best to call ahead of the day of protest to request that the Consul (or his/her deputy) come down to meet you and receive the letter. Read the letter out loud to the Consul and make sure to videotape and/or photograph it. Try to get a sign indicating the location (Consulate) in your photos; they won't allow you to photograph inside the building front doors.

No Nukes Action will seek to link these events up with live streaming on the Independent Web Journal (IWJ) (They've live-streamed the Tokyo demos and the Oi anti-restart protests, among many other things). We are going to archive all letters and videos if you send us copies, but in any case spread them far and wide. And definitely let the people of Japan know what you're doing!

We, No Nukes Action Committee in SF Bay area, have been presenting the letters to PM on the 11th day of every month, and 3/11/14 will be our 20th action rally and the presentation of demands/petition letter. So far ,the consul of SF have promised to deliver the letter to Tokyo each time.
We want people around all 17 Japanese Consulates to hand the demand/petition letters to the consuls on the same day of 3/11/14. This will be the synchronized action in USA (and the world).
This site shows the locations of J. Consulate.

In our San Francisco letter, we would like to mention a few points about the 3/11 action.

1) The letter should be addressed to Abe PM (and the General Consul of the city), in order for this letter to be delivered to Tokyo.
2) If Japanese people are involved in an action at some area, it would be nice if a Japanese person translated the letter into Japanese,
and present both letters to the Consul. If that's not possible then only the English letter will do.
It is nice somebody reads the letter loud before hand it.
3) The time on 3/11 that we deliver the letter does not need to be coordinated, I think. Any convenient time at each location is sufficient.
4) To make sure the event is recorded, people should photograph and/or tape any action. It is impossible to take a photo inside the consulate, so people should ask the General Consul or one of consuls to come outside to receive the letter. In order to do this, people should call the Consul and ask them in advance.
If the consul won't come down, then people should take the photograph of people's action with the sign or the building of Japanese Consulate at least.
5) According to Japanese law, in order to submit a letter, there needs to be at least one name and his/her address.

On the thread, you will find our sample lettersFeb 14th action, which we hope to be helpful for you.
Also, we have a Japanese-version letter. If you were interested in submitting, please ask Umi Tsoonoleh Hagitani ( before March 4th, so she would be able to help you edit unless it is too long.

Lastly, We will send you another note after March 11th, but in Berkeley, will have a report back in April from members who are currently in Fukushima, as well as action report backs including yours. It would be helpful if you could send your pictures and letters, so we could build on our movement.
Feel free to tag us (if you tag this event, Umi or No Nukes Action Committee that would be very easy) on Facebook to.

311 Coordinated Action @ All Japanese Consulate Across the US (facebook)

3.11 Third Anniversary of Fukushima Nuclear Accident Events and Actions Worldwide

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