Thursday, January 9, 2014


Witch Watch is a 24hour vigil - sometimes longer - held on the night of the Full Moon when she is still waxing. WW evolved to defend Mother Earth as part of the Stop Hinkley C campaign and the proposed new build of nuclear power stations in Britain.

The camp glimmers in the hedgerow of the last lay-by, on the main road into the power station, near Bridgwater, Somerset. All are welcome to join us but the camp is women only after daylight hours.
WW provides a meeting place to make connection, share information and to bring your magic. A Sacred Fire is lit and tended through the night.

Witch Watch bears on-site witness and observation of the destruction and construction that is taking place, and holds a positive intention for a different future and the need for balance in the world.
The next date is Monday 16th December. Best to ring 07874 819 608 before you come to check for last minute change of plans.

For more info ring 07874 819608 or email.

"I can be a little minimalist, so for those of ye who haven't read about WW before, here's a little background. Making connection where they split the building blocks of life, WW has had a peaceful, for life and anti nuclear presence in the last lay-by, just before the gates of Hinkley Point, on every full moon since June 2012. With sacred fire, and a combination of prayers, positive intention and meditation, folk bring whatever beliefs or points of view have meaning to them. We gather, share food, have fun and usually stroll to the gates at some point for a performance, ceremony or the like. Often Pixies Mound is visited, a pre historic burial mound that sits by the existing B site. Visitors are very welcome but we ask that the camp is women only over night."

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