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11.27-12.4 ABQ, Santa Fe & Window Rock: INTERNATIONAL URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL | International Uranium Film Festival coming to Navajo Nation

Film 'The Return of Navajo Boy Epilogue'

Invitation --- International Uranium Film Festival coming to New Mexico & Navajo Nation - ABQ, Santa Fe and Window Rock Nov 27 to Dec 4.

Central New Mexico Group Sierra Club: This year in November 2013 the Uranium Film Festival will travel to New Mexico and Arizona. ALBUQUERQUE: November 27th & 28th, GUILD CINEMA 

Northern New Mexico Sierra Club: Highlights from the Uranium Film Festival - SF - Nov. 30 & Dec. 1

Art & Awareness: There are many radioactive risks. People should know about it: International Uranium Film Festival Website:


International Uranium Film Festival coming to Southwest: Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Window Rock

By International Uranium Film Festival

Film 'Four Corners National Sacrifice Area'

The International Uranium Film Festival is the world’s only traveling festival devoted to the entire Nuclear Fuel Chain, from uranium mining to nuclear power plants and the use of uranium bullets, from Hiroshima to Fukushima and Fallujah. Now the International Uranium Film Festival is coming to the birthplace of the nuclear age.

Rio de Janeiro / Albuquerque, NM – On November 27 and 28, 2013, the International Uranium Film Festival will make its premiere screening in the United States, starting in the Southwest with Albuquerque, New Mexico highlighting over 40 films from 15 countries which explore not only this radioactive element called “uranium”, but nuclear practices as well. These are documentary films, experimental and animated films, new comedies, fiction and science fiction films.

The Festival will make its way from Albuquerque to Santa Fe (Nov 30 and Dec 1 at Center For Contemporary Arts Cinematechque), Window Rock (Dec 2 -- 4 at Navajo Nation Museum) and finally in February 2014 to Washington D.C. and New York City.

"Each screening in the Southwest will have Point Persons on the ground and different programs featuring a different variety of the more than 40 films from the wide collection of the IUFF. These films bring to life what New Mexicans have experienced for decades from uranium mining to depleted uranium bullets", says Damacio Lopez, organizer of the IUFF in New Mexico.

The International Uranium Film Festival was founded 2010/11 in Rio de Janeiro. It is held each year in May/June in Rio de Janeiro´s famous Museum of Modern Art (MAM-Rio). The third IUFF took place at  MAM-Rio in Rio de Janeiro in May 2013. After the screenings in Rio de Janeiro the festival travels to other cities and countries with its best and most interesting films. It has been already in Germany (Berlin, Munich), Portugal (Lisbon, Porto) and India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad). Founder of IUFF Norbert G. Suchanek of Germany living in Brazil, will be present with Executive Director, Marcia Gomes de Oliveira of Brazil along with producers and directors of the films. The 3 screenings in New Mexico and Arizona are organized by a diverse group of volunteers working to bring films to the wide screen.

International Uranium Film Festival Schedule Guild Cinema Albuquerque:
International Uranium Film Festival Program Center For Contemporary Arts Santa Fe:

Contact for information about the festival in Southwest-USA, Damacio Lopez,  Email:

Or contact for general information about the Festival

Norbert G. Suchanek
General Director
International Uranium Film Festival

Office Address

Uranium Film Festival
Rua Monte Alegre 356 - 301
Santa Teresa
Rio de Janeiro / RJ

Film list / Program Albuquerque


Starting at 2pm
THE ATOMIC STATES OF AMERICA - USA, 2011, Don Argett, Sheena M. Joyce, 92 min

Starting at 4pm
ATOMIC IVAN - Comedy - Russia, 2012, Vasily Barkhatov , 91min

Starting at 6pm
RIVER THAT HARMS - Documentary - US, 1987, Colleen Keane, 45 min
URANIO 238: THE PENTAGON´S DIRTY POOL - Costa Rica, 2009, 28 min, Director: Pablo Ortega, Producer Isabel Macdonald, English, Spanish subtitles

Starting at 8:30pm
NUCLEAR SAVAGE: The Islands of Secret Project 4.1 - USA, 2012, Adam Jonas Horowitz, 87 min


Starting at 1pm
ATOMIC BOMB HOME - Japan, 2012, Katsumi Sakaguchi , 65 min

Starting at 3:30pm
TAILINGS - USA, 2012, Sam Price-Waldman, 12 min
URANIUM DRIVE-IN: Half Life of the American Dream - USA, 2012, Michelle Maughan, &  Suzan Beraza, 70 mins

Starting at 5:30pm
YELLOW CAKE - The Dirt Behind Uranium - Germany, 2010, 108 min, Director. Joachim Tschirner,

Starting at 8pm
4Stories About Water - US, 2012 by Deborah Begel Productions; Executive Producers were Dr. Johnnye Lewis and Chris Shuey
ABITA. CHILDREN FROM FUKUSHIMA - Germany/Japan, 2012, Shoko Hara and Paul Brenner, 4 min, Animation, English subtitles.
FORBIDDEN GROUND FUKUSHIMA - Japan, 2012, Kazunori Kurimoto, 57 min – USA Premiere

CENSORED NEWS: International Uranium Film Festival coming to Navajo Nation

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