Monday, October 28, 2013

11.3 FREMANTLE WA: Renegade film night Outdoor summer screening - Chain Reaction -- Australian Adventure, Poison Dust, The Toxic Avenger

11.3 FREMANTLE Western Australia:
Renegade film night - Outdoor summer screening

Fremantle, Queen St car park, cnr Cantonement st

Come with a pick nick and rugs to enjoy outdoor film screening in Fremantle including:

• Chain Reaction -- Australian Adventure
Director: Ian BarryCast includes: Steve Bisley, Arna-Maria Winchester, Ross Thompson, Ralph Cotterill
Synopsis: A thriller about the aftermath of a nuclear plant accident that contaminates a worker and a two civilians, who then take on the industry. (Check out the cameo appearance by Mel Gibson as a car mechanic.)

• Poison Dust
Documentary about U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq who had been exposed to radioactive dust from dirty bombs when artillery shells coated with depleted uranium or DU are fired. Many suffer mysterious illnesses and have children with birth defects.

The Toxic Avenger - American action comedy cult classic

Renegade film night - Outdoor summer screening (facebook)

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