Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pandora's False Promises - the latest pro-nuclear propaganda movie

‎"Pandora's Promise", a pro-nuclear documentary by Robert Stone that studiously avoids any "inconvenient truths" that might derail his arguments, has screened at Sundance and is making the festival rounds before a theatrical release this summer. Heavily funded, and with backing from The Breakthrough Institute, whose Michael Schellenberger also appears in the film, Stone joins the ranks of other well-funded nuclear deniers. Stone, whose avowed impetus for the film turns out to be a myth (that ALL France's radioactive waste is stored under one floor at La Hague) even asserts that nuclear energy "is probably the most environmentally benign energy source we have." Central to the film is the Integral Fast Reactor, which Stone claims was the erroneously canceled cure-all reactor design that could save us from climate change. It's not clear whether Stone was well and truly hoodwinked or whether he just "took the money." At any rate, Beyond Nuclear is engaged in efforts to set the record straight and to help our fellow environmentalists refute this film.

Beyond Nuclear has prepared a two-page handout -( )- and a more detailed fact sheet with citations -( )- setting the record straight on the plutonium-breeding, sodium-cooled IFR. Please download and use the pieces as talking points. Coming soon is a longer rebuttal piece in which we bust the many myths in this film. Finally, we will have a Pandora's People piece, revealing that, while the filmmakers tout their protagonists (or "cast" as they are tellingly referred to) as "leading former anti-nuclear activists," none of them qualifies as such and arguably, are far from even well-versed in the subject. Watch this space for more. And please consider screening The Atomic States of America -( )- which tells a very different, fact-based story about the real health impacts of nuclear power operation. Use the BEYONDNUCLEAR code for a 20% screening fee discount.

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Pandora's False Promises - the latest pro-nuclear propaganda movie
Beyond Nuclear


Pandora's False Promises

In the summer of 2013, a new documentary, Pandora's Promise, will have its theatrical release. A media campaign for the film -- largely orchestrated by The Breakthrough Institute whose personnel feature prominently -- is already underway. The film claims to feature "a growing number of leading former anti-nuclear activists," who now support nuclear energy. However, none of the film's spokespeople -- who advocate the rapid deployment of the sodium-cooled, plutonium-fueled fast breeder reactor -- fit that profile. Our research here debunks the many spurious claims made in the film. Its chief failing, however, appears to be the omission of many "inconvenient truths" about the risks and costs of nuclear, as well as the capacity for renewables to replace reactors. In the coming months you will find on this page: A fact sheet about the realities of the Integral Fast Reactor touted by the film; a profile of the protagonists' real history, position on nuclear and affiliations; and a rebuttal to the many points -- both sweeping and detailed -- made by the film.

The Integral Fast Reactor: Realities and Myths

Read our detailed Fact Sheet about the realities -- and significant proliferation dangers -- of the Integral Fast Reactor, promoted inPandora’s Promise. The film also touts the sodium-cooled Integral Fast Reactor (IFR), a breeder reactor design long abandoned and which does not exist today anywhere in the world. This fact sheet is intended to set the record straight on the IFR. 
Coming soon.....Pandora's People.


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