Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CPUC Judge Goes Off & Out Of Control-Protesters Demand Shut Down SCE San Onofre Nuke Plant Now!

CPUC Judge Goes Off & Out Of Control-Protesters Demand Shut Down SCE San Onofre Nuke Plant Now! - YouTube

At an administrative hearing on January 8, 2012 of the California Public Utility Commission on the multi-million dollars costs at the broken down San Onofre nuclear power plant run by Southern California Edison, Administrative Judge Melanie M. Darling rushed off the bench and grabbed a banner against nuclear power. The judge previously had allowed the Southern California Edison owners to continue forcing rate payers and the public to pay for the broken down nuclear plant and also allowed SCE to possibly seal information about the dangerous nuclear plant from the public and stall turning in the information to the hearing.
The judge adjourned the meeting and charged into the hearing room to grab the banner that was already being taken down. She said that she would not allow the hearing to turn into a a "shoutfest". The lights were also turned off by the staff to prevent any documentary coverage of the altercation.
The chair of the California Public Utilities Commission is former Southern California Edison CEO Michael Peevey who has a record of corruption and kickbacks from the utilities and is kept in office by pro-utlility governor Jerry Brown who appoints the Commissioners who are supposed to protect the people of California and do oversight of the utilities including Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas and Electric. Peevey has done damage control for these criminal operators who have killed dozens of people and contaminated thousands of people in Northern and Southern California.
The anti-nuclear activists later had a press conference on the steps of the California State Building in San Francisco and pledged to build bigger support to shutdown the dangerous nuclear plant.
The protest and press conference was organized by a coalition of groups including No Nukes Action Committee, Womens Energy Matters, Occupy San Francisco, Nuclear Free California, Eon, United Public Workers For Action. Also Speaking was Coalition to Decommission San Onofre.
For more information on No Nukes Action Go to
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