Friday, January 13, 2012

Tell President Obama: End the nuclear loan program now!


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For each of the past two years, the Obama administration has asked Congress to approve $36.5 Billion in new taxpayer loans for reactor construction. But thanks to your activism and the work of an ongoing informal coalition of DC groups (NIRS, PSR, FoE, UCS, NRDC & TCS), he didn't get it.

This year, the administration shouldn't even ask for it. Let's tell President Obama that now: take action below.

The new FY 2013 budget is scheduled to be released on February 7. Now is the time--before it's in print--to tell President Obama to stop trying to bail out the nuclear power industry at taxpayer expense.

Tell President Obama: End the nuclear loan program now!

That $36.5 Billion previously requested would have been on top of the $18.5 Billion provided during the Bush Administration (along with $4 Billion for unneeded uranium enrichment plants). $8.2 Billion of that has been conditionally approved for the Vogtle nuclear project in Georgia; $10.3 Billion remains in the pot.

But as the Solyndra solar collapse shows, these loan programs are inherently financially risky. And no energy project is riskier than nuclear power. Add to that the fact that the Vogtle loan alone is about 15 times more taxpayer money than Solyndra ever received!

Not only should President Obama request no more money for nuclear loans, he should end the entire nuclear loan program and withdraw the approval of the Vogtle loan. Now that would be a budget move that makes a lot of sense--and would make Americans safer to boot! Tell him that now.

After Fukushima, there is simply no excuse to continue this loan program. Fukushima showed the world that nuclear power is simply too dangerous to continue. Germany, Italy, Switzerland and others have gotten the message. It's time the U.S. got the message too. The first step is to end taxpayer funding for new reactors. President Obama can do that with the eraser at the end of his pencil. Tell him now is the time to use that eraser.

Tell President Obama: End the nuclear loan program now!

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