Thursday, August 18, 2016

what next: regarding today's edition

"regarding today's edition"

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PUBLISHING SCHEDULE IS ERRATIC DUE TO MY MEDICAL CONDITION... i am trying to update the #OcNukeDaily at least once per week at this point, along with the #OcNuke Weekly once or twice a month.

UPDATE 27 NOVEMBER 2018: still dealing with the neck and shoulder problems, bad discs and worsening arthritis. now, on top of that, i ended up having to have hand surgery this past August due to a skin infection. the wound healed well, but the whole episode has seriously complicated the arthrisit in my dominant hand. So: i am having to stick with the reduced schedule.

UPDATE 17 NOVEMBER 2017: a quick update on my medical situation: i met with my surgeon yesterday, and he wants to try a course of injections for my neck rather that perform surgery at this point. the muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders have literally pulled my shoulder out of place so that i have been having some serious difficulty with my right arm; also, we have discovered that there are 4 bad disks instead of only 3 – hopefully this therapy will work and no surgery needed!  

UPDATE – 18 AUGUST: i had hoped to restart, but find that i need to postpone all publications for awhile.

F Y I ::: {note of 31 JULY} :::  i am having a hellish time with my long-injured neck and a week-long headache, so not much time online. All issues are postponed ~ stay tuned!
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