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1205 再稼働反対!首相官邸前抗議 | MCAN.JP

1205 再稼働反対!首相官邸前抗議


日時:2014年12月5日(金)18:00〜20:00 予定



12/2(火)衆議員選挙が公示されましたので『1205 再稼働反対!首相官邸前抗議』の


・一人あたり 「1分以内」 でお願いします。



1205 rework opposite!

Netuyocult Abe Liberal Democratic Party to suspicions the Prime Minister's Office before protest nuclear power the fierce protests raging!
Re: 12/5/2014 (money) 18:00-20:00 appointment place: before the Prime Minister's official residence and Nagata-Cho, at Kasumigaseki 1 zone (kokkai-gijidomae station, Kasumigaseki, Toranomon station, sakuradamon station take a) call: Metropolitan anti-nuclear Association, Downing Street before protest area basically, 18:30, 19:00, 19:00 past the protest speech time and 19:30 free Maik ( can speech might not want to face reflected on the spot.

Relationship on the radio where the Parliament building front until the station number 3 exit ) of there time. • Precautions [important! : 12 / 2 (fire) House of representatives election was gazetted as "1205 rework opposite!

Prime Minister's official residence before protest ' of protest speeches, especially Please note the following points.
Election speeches related to the election and calls are not on the law.
-Ballot requests to a particular candidate, political party, cannot call for support.
-Can't use terms such as "election" and "vote" election.
 And also go to vote please refrain. ( "00 party promote nuclear power are not allowed!
  "The introduction of the policies of the political parties and criticism can be freely. "12/14 so no nuclear power plant in our selection. Change the politics ', such as the is OK.
) not related to the theme of anti-nuclear power, nuclear and certain political themes concerning flags and banners, placards, please.
For * site is crowded with → click here for more information in protest after 20:00 please, distribute leaflets or collecting signatures. * This Prime Minister's official residence before protests are, one last call as a non-violent direct action.
Fully understanding its purpose will join us to thank.
* And other basic instructions of the organizers to follow you will first note that please.
* About speeches please our.
And thank you within one minute per person.
-Please do not is not related to the anti-nuclear and nuclear theme speeches. And please refrain from speech lead to groups of specific appeal.
As a personal thank you appeal. And may be asked to stop if the contents does not address the intention of the organizers determined.

Please be forewarned.
▼ about contact news media relations Dear customer / coverage coverage inquiries to the following please.
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