Thursday, July 17, 2014

9.21 CLIMATE MARCH | Nuclear-Free Carbon-Free • #nuclearfreecarbonfree

OUR MISSION – The nuclear-free, carbon-free contingent will have a visible presence at the People’s Climate March. We are currently seeking permits for a rally on September 21 (location to be announced soon), and a feeder march into the main march. In addition, we will sponsor a national meeting of anti-nuclear climate activists on Saturday, September 20 (again, location to be announced soon).
Organizing/mobilizing conference calls every other Tuesday evening through September. Contact for more information.
No Nukes, No Coal, No Kidding!

WORK WITH US –  (listserve | join us at the event | facebook)

Nuclear-free, carbon-free contingent now has an official hub site on People's #Climate March website: Join us!

Nuclear-Free Carbon-Free

whats up: #BustTheMyth
you can't nuke global warming!

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