Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2.15 BRISTOL UK Make a Nuclear Barrel Workshop.jpg

We are gonna make Barrels!!!!
Bristol Swans have discovered the power of street theatre

We will be assisted in making nuclear barrels
by Bridgwater Carnival artists
Jo and partner
we have enough material for 20 Barrels
we have caught a lot of attention while wearing these
+good conversations and a good laugh

we have visions of meet ups on national scale
did someone say flash mob?
we will be making a small film on the day with instructions for groups all over the country

Below is a rough film of the kind of theatre we have done
with the barrels

Make a Nuclear Barrel Workshop-Bristol (facebook event page)

swanactive - YouTube

southwestagainstnuclear | No Nukes is good news!

Southwest AgainstNuclear on facebook

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