Saturday, June 27, 2015

Petition: Don't Nuke the Climate | Wise International | #BustTheMyth • #DontNuketheClimate


Pro-nuclear lobbies and countries want us to believe that the support for nuclear energy - in society and among environmental groups - is growing. In reality that is clearly not the case. But our common position needs to be more outspoken and visible. This petition shows: hundreds of organisations, representing millions of people, saying that nuclear power is a false solution. We will take this petition to Paris, and make sure the negotiators hear our voice!

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"We do not support construction of new nuclear reactors as a means of addressing the climate crisis. Available renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies are faster, cheaper, safer and cleaner strategies for reducing greenhouse emissions than nuclear power."

whats up: #BustTheMyth
you can't nuke global warming!

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