Monday, November 11, 2013


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  1. I'd add that France grossly under estimated the cost to decommission their reactors and now has had to add a special energy tax to try and help pay for future decommissioning!

    Nuclear will continue to be ever more expensive as new Solar costs continues to decline, especially in Countries like Germany that are early adopters of Solar (of all flavors) Energy!

    France in order to become competitive, needs to start decommissioning their nuclear reactors ASAP, and they would be well advised to seek financial help from those Countries (like Germany) who are located "downwind" from France, who would be far safer if France did not continue to have the RISK of a European Fukushima hanging over their heads!

    It is time that France join with its neighbors and develop a European Energy GRID that will power everyone well into the 21 Century; any thing less will only result in regional geo-Energy politics that will doom them all to a life of less or even one or more potential Fukushima-type disasters which would devastate all of Europe!